Student-Centered Pedagogy

All of ISC’s programs are designed with our students’ needs in mind.  Students work with their teachers to develop units of instruction that will answer their burning questions while also meeting ISC’s curriculum goals.  Teachers work to differentiate instruction as much as possible to allow all students to participate fully in the learning process.  A variety of assessments are used to allow students to demonstrate what they know in various ways throughout the program to meet their different learning styles.

Global perspectives

International mindedness is at the heart of all of our programs.  Students will have an opportunity to not only learn side-by-side with students from around the world, but to also consider all aspects of the curriculum from global perspectives.  As we develop, we plan to establish partnerships with international organizations locally, regionally and globally to bring the world to our students and our students to the world.  Students will also have the opportunity to travel and study abroad through our various programs and participate in international conferences and competitions to broaden their horizons.

Multi-Lingual Education

One key trait of global citizens is that they speak more than one language fluently.  As English remains the international language in many key areas, English is also the primary language of instruction at ISC and will be the main language of communication among the school community.  Since our home is Carinthia, German will also be a featured language in our curriculum throughout our program.  In MYP, we plan to add at least one third language to the curriculum depending on the interests of our community.  Since we will have many students with various language backgrounds, ISC will offer mother-tongue language support throughout our program so that students maintain their first language ability while also learning English, German and other languages.  Ideally, students will leave ISC’s program speaking, reading and writing three or more languages at a high level of proficiency.

A Broad-Based Approach

ISC aspires to be a 21st-century school of excellence.  Our teachers will continuously receive professional development so that they may use research-based best practices with students consistently throughout our program.  Students will also approach learning in many different ways that will challenge them to develop key skills and knowledge to help them thrive in a fast-paced, rapidly changing marketplace.  While completing our rigorous curriculum, students will be exposed to a variety of subjects and challenged to develop their multiple intelligences so that they will have many options available to them when they begin to specialize at the end of our program.  Our international students will be able to pursue an internationally recognized diploma just as our Austrian students will be able to complete a nationally recognized one.  Students will also continuously explore vocations and careers from the beginning of primary school all the way through to graduation so that they can gain a sense of what opportunities await them in the world and where they can contribute most when pursuing university or other pursuits upon graduation.

A Supportive Learning Community

We believe that our students are far more than just academic learners, and we enjoy getting to know each of our students so that they feel like valued members of our community.  ISC students will have opportunities to get to know themselves, their classmates and their teachers well through our character education and pastoral care programs.  Our numerous extracurricular activities and community events will provide many opportunities for ISC students, teachers and families to celebrate each other’s’ successes and encourage growth when we make mistakes.