Parent Testimonials

    • Ich muss etwas echt Positives loswerden! Dass wir uns entschieden haben, Ina in die International School of Carinthia ISC in Velden zu geben war eine der besten Entscheidungen. Sie liebt die Schule und kann schon Englisch. Für Fehler bekommt man keinen Minuspunkt sondern wird ermutigt es nochmal zu probieren bis es klappt. Ein Unterrichtsfach heißt “Positive Action”. In der Früh ist immer ein Lehrer und teilweise der Direktor selbst der Schülerlotse beim Zebrastreifen und man wird mit einem lauten “Good Morning, have a great day!” und einem Lachen begrüßt. Inas Lehrerin Ms.Navarre hat Osterreindlinge an die Kinder verteilt. Von den Home Schooling Schwierigkeiten anderer Eltern haben wir wenig mitbekommen. Die Betreuung durch die ISC war sensationell. Und ja, die Schule ist zu bezahlen. Aber die Kosten sind nur geringfügig über denen einer normalen Schule mit Nachmittagsbetreuung (die bei der ISC ohnehin inklusive ist). Ich kann alle nur ermutigen:schaut Euch diese Schule an! Ich denke es ist das Wichtigste was wir unseren Kindern geben können: eine perfekte Basis, top Bildung.

  • Family can do a lot for the child. However, several hours a day he or she spends at school and gets influenced by its environment. For this reason it is so important that the values of the school your child attends correspond to your family values.ISC teaches kids to be ethical, responsible, respectful, caring, sympathetic, initiative; but it does more than just that. One of the most important values of our family is being life-long eager learners. This is the focus in raising our son. If a person can acquire new knowledge and skills at any point of life, this person will not be afraid of change. He or she will always find a way to be successful in the changed circumstances. Let’s face it: there is little point in remembering tons of facts these days when it takes less then a second to get access to most of the information you may require. A burning topic today is being able to filter the information, to analyse it, to derive dependencies, to make a whole picture out of endless details.

    ISC teaches kids to think, to be creative, to look for not obvious solutions. It teaches kids to love learning. Being equipped with a skill to learn efficiently and with a habit to learn constantly today’s ISC students will one day become adults who are successful and stress-resistant, resourceful and productive. They will be an asset to our society.

    Thank you, ISC, for the great job that you are doing!

  • We really want to thank the whole team at ISC for their hard work they do every single day with our kids. For our daughter this school is honestly amazing because it’s not a place where students get treated “mainstream”. It’s a place with a very good and healthy environment and a student receives full & individual support and attention if she/he is willing to learn. The self-confidence of our daughter grew a lot since she attends the ISC and she created a strong personality. This school will not only educate our child in the best way, it will prepare her for life with all the failures and success she’ll experience as an adult. That’s the combination students need for their future because you can have the best grades which will not help you at all when you don’t have any human sense to succeed and stay positive thinking! Thank you that a school like ISC exists and our daughter has the luck to attend it and be part of it!

  • Wanting to learn even more languages than the ones being in the curriculum at the moment. Explaining me how breathing and circulatory bodily systems interact (2nd grade). Advising me about how tricky it can be to meet the human right for safe and comfortable home and that sometimes you have to choose between safety and comfort (3rd grade). Creating healthy routine of watching daily news and working towards better education results, that are my, not my parent´s responsibility. Preparing and performing the photo presentation from our trip to the ZOO for the entire family. The ISC makes it easy for me to be proud of my child.

  • My son started at the ISC in PYP 3 in September of 2017. By the end of the school year he was already reading books by Enid Blyton, Roald Dahl and Lemony Snicket just to mention a few great English Authors. He loves books and the ISC Library is a terrific place to find exactly what he likes!

  • I think it is a challenge experience, children are learning to think by themselves, thinking critical, creating their own education, less topics but deeply explored, international and intercultural atmosphere.

  • I like the ISC because of the appreciative approach to my children and that they can learn to think about the different topics instead of memorizing (not always important ) facts by heart. Children in the ISC are taken as valuable members of the society and their ideas will always be taken seriously.

  • Having our 2 girls at ISC (PYP) makes us really proud when watching them talking in English to people we meet as our business partners or during our holidays abroad. This shows how they become open-minded to people from different cultures and shows the growth of their self confidence during the last years. Additionally they learned English language accent free, with lots of fun and without any pressure. This is exactly the way school should be today! Many thanks to the whole staff at ISC.

  • My child has developed into someone who loves other cultures and is curious to get to know new ones. It’s much more than just learning to read and write at ISC, it’s about respecting each other and each other’s differences.

  • The PYP Programme at ISC is a gift for a curious child. The inquiry based learning makes my children active and responsible in their learning. They are both happy to go to school and find they learn new exciting things. Their horizon is broadened every day through this PYP programme.

  • Children are taught to act independently, to make use of all their mental resources and learn to appreciate the value of internationality.

  • My child loves going to ISC, and I don’t think it is because the academic standards are “easy”, which they are not. He loves (most of) his colleagues and his teachers. He is respectful of (and respected by) children with other backgrounds. He has great time after school activities and I always feel that he is safe at ISC.

  • My child loves to go to school, curiosity is kept alive and the kids are encouraged to think, ask questions and build their own opinion.

  • My son improved his social competences very strongly thanks to the ISC.

  • My child enjoys going to school and has discovered a passion for doing research to further his learning.

  • It is great to be in an environment where all the students know each other and integrate with each other. It is lovely to see MYP students playing Soccer with PYP 1 students for example.

  • ISC supports my child to be open minded and taking care for others in many ways.

  • Isc had a positive impact on my kid character. Even if he was shy he is able to speak to the audience comfortably.

  • I wish I had the same enthusiasm going to school as my kids have going to ISC.

  • My child switched to ISC from a public school in a rural area, where she was bored during classes and rather socially excluded due to her different mother-tongue; after she had been going to ISC for a few months, she described it one evening very fittingly when we were singing the “Wonderful Life” song: to her, it started being a wonderful life when she went to the ISC. Her older siblings who graduated at local gymnasiums are impressed (esp. now since the MYP) with the ISC’s holistic approach and its effect on the child’s personal development: the maturity, motivation, ability and skills to independently acquire and extend their knowledge, the analytical and critical thinking, the problem solving approaches. Last but least, the effect that such education and environment has on the child’s self-esteem. THANK YOU to all the dedicated teachers!!!

  • Our child is happy to learn and every school day is a nice day. We believe this is the right way to be a student.

  • I like how the kids learn to work and communicate in teams. And I appreciate that the ISC kids are used to present their work easily in front of many people, e.g. at the occasion of the assembly the whole school listens to them while they are speaking.

  • My child loves going to school. He is learning how to interact positively and respectfully with people from around the world, which is a skill he will need for life. I am very happy with my choice to send my child to ISC.

  • We are in ISC from the first day. We see, how it grows and develops. It is Great. We see, how ISC staff and Parents representatives are pushing ISC forward. It is also Great. And we see, how our Respectable ISC Director Mr Brightman controls this all. Our Best Regards and Respect. Best, ISC!