Parent Association ISC / Elternverein ISC

ISC Parent Association

The ISC Parent Association´s objective is to contribute to building a stronger collective identity for all members of the ISC community. Our aim is to encourage and increase parents´ contributions to school activities and represent interest of parents in educational work, resulting in the enhancement of cooperation between parents and ISC and ultimately the experience for our children´s school life. 

The ISC Parent Association, led by the six elected members of the Parent Council, run regular meetings and collaborate with ISC staff and students to organize various school events throughout the year as well as address important educational issues and raise questions on behalf of the parent community. Furthermore, they organize welcome receptions for new parents, such as coffee mornings. The Parent Council is strongly supported by the ISC class parent representatives, who actively seek ways to support the community and connection within their individual child´s classroom.

Why join?

  • Get connected
  • Make a difference
  • Support your community
  • Be a role model
  • Have fun
  • Stay informed


What does ISC PA mean?


ISC PA stands for the International School Carinthia Parent Association. They are a legally established non-profit entity under Austrian law.

Who we are?

We are parents who work on an entirely voluntary basis to support the best possible school experience for our children – and have fun doing it. We are led by the six elected members of the Parent Council.

What is the ISC Parent Council?

The Parent Council is the board of the Parent Association. It consists of six members, namely the President, PC Secretary, PC treasurer, one PC PYP representative, one PC MYP representative and one PC DP representative. This council is elected by the collectivity of all parents every two years.

Next election: May 2022

What is the ISC PA`s goal and role?

They work to enhance the student´s educational experience and well-being at ISC. They are a positive example to their children, exhibiting leadership and showing that by working together they can maximize their experience in life while improving their community.

  • >>  Keeping a constructive and open dialogue with the school

  • >>  Supporting and sponsoring school and student-led events

  • >>  Welcoming new and supporting all parents

  • >>  Supporting new ideas/ projects that benefit the whole ISC Community

What does the ISC PA do to enhance the educational experience for students. Teachers, parents and staff?
  • >>  They sponsor trophies, sport uniforms, graduation ceremony hats

  • >>  Provide gifts for special celebrations

  • >>  Support school events

  • >>  Encourage parents to volunteer for school events

  • >>  Facilitate contact with the Gemeinde Velden to work on traffic safety in front of the ISC school building

  • >>  Provide appreciation gifts for ISC staff

  • >>  Host coffee mornings for the parent community

  • >>  Serve as a resource for teachers and staff on important questions

  • >>  Offer opportunities to connect through parent events

What is the PA doing now?

Given the Covid-19 restrictions at the time, it is not possible to organize large school-wide events, so they are working primary with class representatives to discuss and support efforts to still bring a great value to all the students.

Do I have to volunteer my time as a member of the PA?

No, members should volunteer time if they want to and only in ways they enjoy.

I have an idea for the school. How can I get support?

“When someone has an “idea for the school”, he/she may contact the school directly, otherwise we’d be happy to hear him/her out and try to find a way to support the idea when possible.”

I would like to become a PA member. What should I do?

1. Fill out the Membership form – available here.
2. Send it to us at or to the school
3. Pay your membership fee via bank transfer (20,00 Euro per person/school year)

Account holder: Parent Association International School Carinthia

IBAN: AT31 3939000000513341

Bank: RZKTAT2K390

The ISC PA statues are available here

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