Parent Association ISC / Elternverein ISC

Parent Network

International School Carinthia will invite parents to form a parent network. This representative team of parents will help the director assess the school’s efficacy in all aspects of ISC’s programming.  Throughout the year, parents will be asked to volunteer to help support learning and extracurricular programs and plan celebrations.  ISC parents will be asked to be ambassadors to new families joining the ISC community as we grow.  The parent network will also help further ISC’s expansion and development and support ISC’s interests in the local and regional community by promoting the school and raising awareness about our great programs.  A strong partnership between school and parents will help our students reach their full potential. 

ISC Parent Network Officers 2019-20


Parent Council email:
Parent Council President Ms Kateřina Sidiropulu Janků
Parent Council Secretary Ms Janet Brown
Parent Council Treasurer Mr Alexander Schaeffer
Parent Council DP  Ms Lisa Schleicher
Parent Council MYP  Ms Maria Schmidt-Leitner
Parent Council PYP  Ms Bettina Piber;

Parent Class Representatives Alternates Email address
PYP1A Ms Gupta Nidhi
Ms Cuoni
PYP1B Ms Hodes
Ms Lachmann
PYP2A Ms Ignacz and Mr Campelli
Ms Rimmer
PYP2B Mr Björk
Mr Schaeffer
PYP3 Ms Strelnikova
Mr Haisch
PYP4A Ms Sterl-Wündisch
Ms Oda-Ng
PYP4B Ms Traen
Ms Brown
PYP5A Ms Eisses
PYP5B Ms Olipitz
Ms Piber;
MYP1 Ms Fina (Mihoko)
Mr Haisch
MYP2 Ms Mitterer
Ms Bacher
MYP3 Ms Kluppenegger
Ms Chiandotto
MYP4 Mr Orsini-Rosenberg (Markus)
Ms Germini
MYP5 Mr Auer
Ms Schagerl