Faculty and Administration

Faculty and Administration

Our School’s Board

We’ve got a lineup of more than 44 professional, highly caring teachers all of whom have a successful record of providing excellent education to kids…

James Brightman


James Sangster

MYP Coordinator



Rudolf Gabriel

ISC Director of Management

Ana Da Costa

Head of PYP



Oliver Pope

DP Coordinator / MYP Design

Ines Schreiner

Head of MYP



Scott French

PYP coordinator



Katherine Goetzke

English Acquisition Teacher / EAL Coordinator



Mike Haines

PYP PE and Math Teacher



Monika Sangster

PYP5A Teacher



Susan Kernaghan

PYP2A Teacher



Elmar Koller

PYP3B Teacher



Natalie Benedikt

PYP3A Teacher

Lisa Rud

PYP1B Teacher


Emily Staudacher

PYP4 Teacher



Andrea Dreyer

PYP MYP and DP German Teacher



Angelika Sattlegger

PYP Religion Teacher



Nicola D'Ambrosio

PYP Physical Education Teacher

Stefanie Aspmair

PYP German Teacher / PYP Head of German



Sister Lilian Mdolwa

PYP and MYP Catholic Religion Teacher

Ines Küssenpfennig

PYP German Teacher



Erin O'Hara

PYP5B Teacher / PYP Pastoral Care Coordinator



Elizabeth Mc Adams

Teacher-Librarian / Secondary Social-Emotional Counselor / College Counselor

Bettina Koini

Music Teacher



Jennifer Navarre

PYP1A Teacher / Head of PYP English



Marlene Höfferer

PYP4/5 MYP1 German Teacher



Amira Palos

PYP English and Support Teacher

Patricia Rio Branco

Afternoon Program Supervisor

Anna-Maria Lamprecht

PYP German Teacher



Karen Fielke

Support/Cover Teacher and Afternoon Program Supervisor



Nina Edlinger-Pope

MYP / DP German Teacher / DP CAS Coordinator




Felicity Lee

MYP Music Teacher

Elle Dean

MYP / DP Math and Science Teacher



Maria-Chiara Sinibaldi

MYP Italian Teacher

Jill Vincent

DP Teacher / Afternoon Program



Stephen Christophi

MYP / DP Math and Science / Secondary Head of Science



Ilse Aigelsperger

MYP Catholic Religion Teacher / DP CAS Advisor



Brad Butler

MYP / DP English Teacher / Secondary Head of Language & Literature / DP Extended Essay Coordinator



Katharina Puganigg

MYP / DP Math & Science Teacher



Abraham Lombrana Dominguez

MYP Individuals & Societies



Jodie Brivic

MYP Math and Science Teacher



Oliver Gubis

MYP Physical Education / DP Geography Teacher / ISC Phoenix



Kateland Pricer

MYP Art / English Teacher



Luke Ames

MYP / DP Mathematics Teacher / Secondary Head of Mathematics



Erica Zent

MYP English / Individuals & Societies / Design Teacher



Megan Higgins

MYP / DP Art & Design / Secondary Head of Arts, Design, and PHE



Rachel Stevenson

DP Business and Management Teacher / Secondary Pastoral Care Coordinator



Manuela Ames

MYP German Teacher




Renate Glas

MYP Latin teacher




Anne Béal

Office Manager / Admission Officer

Senada Mustafic

Kitchen Staff

Franziska Humnig

Admin. Assistant

Mihreta Okic

Kitchen Staff

Matea Rasinger

Office Administration

Ramiz Kajtezovic