Faculty and Administration

Faculty and Administration

Our School’s Board

We’ve got a lineup of more than 32 professional, highly caring teachers all of whom have a successful record of providing excellent education to kids…

James Brightman


Ana da Costa

(PYP Coordinator / PYP 4)

Email: a.costa@isc.ac.at

Megan Higgins

(MYP Language Acquisition)

Sonja Christof-Köchl

(Teacher PYP 1)

Email: s.christof-koechl@isc.ac.at

Andrew Thorn

(PYP 3b)

Email: a.thorn@isc.ac.at

Luke Ames


Email: l.ames@isc.ac.at

Manuela Ames

(MYP German)

Lisa Rud

(PYP German)

Email: l.rud@isc.ac.at

Pamela Kircher

(MYP Visual Arts/Design)

Email: p.kircher@isc.ac.at

Caroline Kropfitsch

(PYP & MYP Music Teacher)

Email: c.kropfitsch@isc.ac.at

Andrea Einöder-Wieser

(PYP German / Music)

Email: a.einoeder-wieser@isc.ac.at

Elmar Koller

(PYP Sports)

Email: e.koller@isc.ac.at

Kate Steiner

(PYP 3a)

Email: k.steiner@isc.ac.at

Zoe Kotoula

(PYP Teaching Assistant)

Email: z.kotoula@isc.ac.at

Katrin Thum

(PYP P.E. teacher and PYP German Support)

Email: k.thum@isc.ac.at

Angelika Sattlegger

(Catholic Religious Education)

Email: a.sattlegger@isc.ac.at

Brian Ossmann

(MYP 2) (MYP English and Individuals & Societies teacher)

Email: b.ossmann@isc.ac.at

Anna-Maria Lamprecht

(German Language & Literature Teacher)

E-mail: a.lamprecht@isc.ac.at

Katherine Goetzke

(EAL Coordinator)

Email: k.goetzke@isc.ac.at

Jennifer Navarre

(PYP 2b)

Email: j.navarre@isc.ac.at

Scott French

(PYP 2a)

Email: s.french@isc.ac.at

Susan Kernaghan

(PYP 5)

Email: s.kernaghan@isc.ac.at

Charlotte Jeffries

(PYP Teaching Assistant)

Anne Béal

(Admin. Assistant / Admissions Officer)

Anna Grupinska (Business Manager)

(Business Manager)

Email: a.grupinska@isc.ac.at

Veronica Bigi

(MYP Italian Teacher)

Email: v.bigi@isc.ac.at

Amira Palos

(PYP Afternoon Teacher & Teaching Assistant)

E-mail: a.palos@isc.ac.at

Petra Davis

(MYP1, English Acquisition)

Email: p.davis@isc.ac.at

Adrian Schumann

(MYP Catholic Religious Education)

Email:  a.schumann@isc.ac.at

Tina Licina

(MYP Sciences Teacher)

Email: t.licina@isc.ac.at