What is the IBO?

Founded in Geneva, Switzerland in 1968, the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO)  (http://www.ibo.org/) is now recognized as one of the most progressive and forward-thinking educational organizations in the world. Working with over 3,500 schools in 145 different countries, the IBO offers four educational programs spanning the early years all the way to pre-university.  Each program has a unique student-centered pedagogy, a comprehensive curriculum, and rigorous and holistic assessment.  Schools must receive authorization from the IBO to implement and deliver their programs and be committed to ongoing professional development to adapt the ongoing changes made to the programs.


Why the IB at ISC?

International School Carinthia aspires to become an IB World School offering the full continuum of programs from primary school through graduation.  IB programs are highly respected worldwide.  International students who find themselves transferring to other schools around the world will have no problem receiving recognition of their work at ISC and will probably find international schools in their new host countries that offer IB programs, which will help make their transition to their next school a smooth one.  At the core of all IB programs is a commitment to international mindedness that students need to foster in order to succeed in the global marketplace.  Students who graduate with the IB Diploma will have access to high-caliber universities around the world as many universities consider the IB Diploma to be the gold-standard in university preparation programs.