For students to learn effectively and reach their full potential, they must be healthy mentally, emotionally and physically.  Through International School Carinthia's Pastoral Care program, we will address many aspects of mental and emotional health.  Students will also learn about physical fitness and health issues through our Personal, Social and Physical Education academic programs.  We also intend to provide access to other wellness programs through our extracurricular program.

ISC is also committed to providing a healthy, nutritious lunch program for our students daily.  We will consult with nutritionists and food service professionals to offer the freshest ingredients and a variety of menu choices.  Students who have special dietary needs will be catered to through our program or will have the opportunity to bring their own meals to school as necessary.  Junk food and sugary soft drinks will not be available for sale or provided to students on campus.  Students and parents will be invited to weigh in regularly on our menu offerings.