Media Center

The Media Center will be a crucial hub of learning at International School Carinthia for all students, teachers and parents.  

The PYP section of the ISC Media Center will strive to inspire a love of reading in students with access to English-language books for all primary grade levels.  Literacy programs will be established, and students will have devoted times each week to explore the Media Center, check out books, and develop basic research skills.  Students will also have access to books in other languages based on the demographics of our student population and our language programs under development.

The MYP and DP sections of the ISC Media Center will strive to help students develop crucial research skills in all forms of media:  print, news, magazine, online databases, film, etc.  Students will have access to these resources 24 hours a day via the online library platform we will eventually adopt.  Students will also have access to resources in all languages offered at ISC as well as in their mother tongue on demand.