Technology-Based Learning

One pillar of International School Carinthia’s mission is to offer our students 21st-century approaches to learning, and technology-based learning will play a key role in our students’ education from grade one onwards.  ISC plans to adopt Apple® hardware like iPads and MacBooks to introduce students to Information Computer Technology and produce powerful projects, such as movies, websites, and digital portfolios.  ISC will also adopt Google Apps for Education® to streamline our educational programming and communications within the school among other web-based platforms.  Students will also be exposed to Microsoft Office programs and other software that they will later use in their various career pursuits.  In time, ISC hopes to equip most classrooms with smartboard technology as well.

Technology-based learning will not only be limited to computer use in and out of the classroom.  ISC will also offer students state-of-the-art science labs, music rooms, art rooms and a world-class media center to enhance our curriculum offerings.  Students will also have the opportunity to explore various technological developments through visits to regional technological leaders in business and industry and after-school program offerings.