Zoe Kotoula (PYP Teaching Assistant)

I was born in sunny Greece. I grew up in a city named Kozani, which is the capital of Western Macedonia in Greece. After finishing high school, I moved to Thessaloniki, in order to study Theology, in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, which is my bachelor degree. Later on I attended a master program, in the field of “Church History, Christian Literature, Archaeology and Art”, also in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, at the Theology department.

During those studies I have followed many seminars that involved children behavior, psychology, needs and reactions in the classroom. Finally, I have completed my knowledge after years of studies and exams in the English language. I have been working as a teacher for several years now, at public schools in Greece and as a private teacher also, lecturing not only Theology and History but English language as well, to children of all ages.
This is the very first time that I am leaving Greece and moving abroad, in order to exercise my profession and so, I am very excited being part of the ISC family. My main aim is to guide and help my pupils in order to grow up and find their individual paths in life. I will conclude with a quote from one my favorite Greek novelists, poets and philosophers.

“As long as there are children, animals and flowers in this world. Do not worry. Everything will be fine."
Nikos Kazantzakis.

Email: z.kotoula@isc.ac.at

Meeting Time: By appointment. Please e-mail Ms. Kotoula directly.