Tina Licina (MYP Sciences Teacher)

Growing up in a small town south of Ljubljana, located just on the edge of the largest forested area in Slovenia as well on the edge of Ljubljana Marsh, for sure increased my curiosity about the living world. I was always fascinated by nature– its complexity and beauty, and studying biology at the University of Ljubljana was a natural way to get to know more about it.

During my studies (University graduate in biology and University graduate teacher in biology) I spend as much time as possible doing an interesting field work either in Slovenia or abroad, especially field work focused on different animal groups which allowed me to deepen my knowledge about them. Even though I was primarily focused more on animal ecology and ethology, plants started to impress me as well and consequently, I became a guide in a Botanical garden in Ljubljana. After finishing my studies in Slovenia I have realized that I am lacking a more applied ecological knowledge and decided to continue my studies abroad, in Norway (Master of applied ecology, HIHM).

Till now I had an opportunity to work in different biology fields, from educational to research ones and latest, in a small NGO. After time and different working experiences I have realized that I would preferably like to work in a field that would indeed contribute to the well-being of our nature and society, and teaching in an IB school for sure fits in. 

I am looking forward joining the ISC team, undertake new challenges and increase my horizon. I am a firm believer in a lifelong learning and am already excited to learn many new things and perspectives in the following years as well to share my knowledge and experiences to my pupils.

I am married to a born Carinthian and we have a small baby boy and a dog. In my spare time I love hiking, mountaineering, cycling, traveling, swimming, cross-country skiing, cooking and gardening (in a permacultural way).

Email: t.licina@isc.ac.at 
Meeting Time: By Appointment. Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Please e-mail Ms. Licina directly.