Susan Kernaghan (PYP 5)

My journey into teaching started with volunteering as a Girl Scout leader in Scotland. After working with young women for 4 years and supporting them to gain important life skills, confidence, independence, and have fun along their way I realised that this was something I was passionate about.

After 8 years of working in retail I went back to university in Aberdeen to train as a primary teacher and spent 2 years working in Scotland.  From there I moved to a small school in Pisa, Italy where I taught Year 4 / 5. From Italy I moved on to the Middle East.  I have lived in Doha, Qatar for the past 4 years.  As well as being a Grade 4 teacher I am the grade level team leader.

Whilst the desert and Persian Gulf have their own beauty, I grew up amongst the beautiful rolling hills of The Scottish Borders.  I long to be surrounded by green fields once again.  Walking through the stunning countryside is something that I am very much looking forward to in Carinthia.  I am also keen to learn how to cook local foods and learn a new language.


Meeting Time: By Appointment on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays: Please e-mail Ms. Kernaghan directly.