Pamela Kircher (MYP Visual Arts/Design)

Born half Austrian-American, I went to school in Carinthia and also spent many summers on Washington Island, Wisconsin, where my mother grew up. After attending the Art Department of an Upper Secondary School in Carinthia, I studied Visual Arts Education and Italian in Salzburg.
In the course of my studies, I also had the chance to study in Trieste, Italy, where I felt very comfortable. Furthermore, living together with four Italian students was a great opportunity to gain a deeper insight in the Italian language and culture. Then, after having earned my Master’s Degree in Art Education and Italian, I moved to Vienna, where I at first taught Visual Arts and later on Italian. I started to work in a concept-based, student-centered way, by applying open learning methods, interdisciplinary projects, as well as portfolios.

As a member of the Association of Styrian Fine Artists I moved to Graz where I had and still have the pleasure to collaborate with artists of different disciplines. During my two years of leadership in the fore mentioned association, my main responsibility was to plan exhibitions and projects.

Being part of the multi-cultural ISC-team, makes it possible for me to return to both of my cultural roots and will enable me to use this basis to create inspiring learning environments!


Meeting time: Friday, 9:20-10:05 a.m. Please check availability via e-mail.