Luke Ames (MYP3)

Getting my teaching degree and officially becoming a teacher was a road that was a long and winding non-traditional path. I have worked in a number of trades and started my own brewery in my pre-teaching life which has afforded me a rather unique view in the realm of education. A keen interest in science (specifically physics) was a natural pairing for my mathematics background and degree.

After teaching for five years in my home state of Iowa, I went international to satiate my curiosity. I have taught for the last eight years in the Frankfurt am Main area of Germany in two different international schools with various teaching positions in mathematics and science along with administration. Pastoral care has always been a keen interest of mine as it is on par with academic content in helping raise healthy, happy, successful kids.

At my first international placement, I was fortunate enough to meet my beautiful wife and we are blessed to have two wonderful children with whom to share this crazy life journey! Among the innumerable adventures already offered to me via my family, bilingually raising our girls from day one has been among the most amazing. The number of opportunities, challenges and additional adventures offered through being an international teacher are always welcomed warmly as I open the next chapter in my teaching career with ISC. I am excited to bring my experiences and talents with me to help continue to build an outstanding educational institution!

Meeting Time: By appointment. Please e-mail Mr. Ames directly.