I grew up in Germany in the Cologne region. 3 years ago I moved to Carinthia because of love. That´s very good because I also felt in love with the mountain landscape since and when I was a child. I always wanted to live in an area like this.

Before I came to ISC school, I worked many years in industry area in sales and marketing functions. My work was always related to complex organization and intensive communication. Due to the fact that I worked as a volunteer for CIC-Carinthian International Club I quickly got in contact with ISC school. I was pleased when I was asked to join the ISC Team in school year 2016/17 to support the school in the field of Administration and Admissions.

I love children, the intensive exchange with humans and the enriching contact to people with all kind of different nationalities. In my work I always try to remember how it felt when I was a child.

E-mail: j.alert@isc.ac.at