Eva Leifhelm (Lutheran Religious Education)

Since 1996, I try my best, using my diverse skills, to teach the children in varied ways, to respond to the pupils, to promote their creative power, to learn and try to feel about God's love.

It is important to me that the children learn about Christianity with its different traditions, as well as its biblical and ethical foundations for peaceful coexistence and to gather knowledge about it. In the respectful examination with other religions and different faith, I would like to enable the pupils to see the similarities and differences as well as to recognize the characteristics of the Lutheran/protestant tradition.

What I like to do is singing and playing guitar, painting, crafting, writing lyrics and playing with the language (until now only in German), being together with other people, traveling, working in the garden and on the computer, practicing sports, designing and decorating rooms.

Email: e.leifhelm@isc.ac.at
Meeting Time: Wednesday, by appointment