Elmar Koller (PYP Sports)

Right from the start I was totally inspired by the pedagogical concept of ISC and the philosophy of this forward-looking school! Now, I am glad to be part of the ISC team!

During my B.Ed studies, I got the chance to complete some additional qualifications in team-teaching for multilingual education, logopedic-trainer for day to day school life and I have started an education for dyslexia/dyscalculia trainer.

After my B.Ed studies I have also started a master’s degree in education. Because of my strong interest in almost all kinds of sports, I used to work as an athletic-sports-trainer, fitness-trainer, personal trainer and as a ski instructor for kids.

In addition to my pedagogical education I also have experiences in managing and organizing international- and national activity projects and I really look forward to use these skills to set up different ISC-sport-clubs for the kids!

I’m very happy to be part of the faculty of ISC. There, I see that I can work on making my visions of a school become reality: focusing on the development of the child, encouraging them to become responsible, open-minded and self-confident students who will enjoy learning over the course of their whole life. 

Email: e.koller@isc.ac.at
Meeting Time: By appointment. Please e-mail Mr. Koller directly.