Charlotte Jeffries (PYP Teaching Assistant)

Whilst studying for my Bachelor of Arts degree in Primary Education at the University of Winchester, England, I had the opportunity to spend a semester on Erasmus in Austria. Although it didn’t last for only one semester, I ended up staying, immersing myself in the Austrian language and culture, and completing my degree here.

As I grew up in the countryside in Monmouthshire, which lies on the border between England and Wales, in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Carinthia has become a home from home for me.

As a child, I learnt to play instruments including the piano and participated in dance performances. I also enjoy reading, painting, sewing and baking in my free time (especially trying out traditional Austrian recipes!)

After graduating, I worked in schools in Vienna and organised two English projects in one primary school in Carinthia.

I am looking forward to using and developing my teaching techniques at ISC, working alongside my team and encouraging children to develop a love of learning.