Caroline Kropfitsch (PYP & MYP Music Teacher)

I grew up near Klagenfurt and discovered my interest in music already during primary school. For this reason, I chose a secondary school with a focus on music and became aware of the important role music is playing in my life.

My second passion is about other cultures and their languages. Therefore, I decided to work as a European Volunteer in Brussels for a year, after finishing school. This experience was the main reason to study applied cultural studies with a focus on teaching German for Foreigners. Besides I decided to go abroad once more and experience an exchange semester in Portugal.

During that time, the desire to deepen my music knowledge grew stronger and I felt following this path – I started studying music education with focus on piano, next to my first study. To get more experience and to follow my passion, I started teaching music and piano.

It makes me feel proud and grateful being part of the ISC community. Having the chance to work with children and explore the world of music together is an extraordinary and valuable experience.

Victor Hugo once said, that with music one can express what cannot be said and which is impossible to remain silent. And this is my biggest goal – supporting children in expressing their feelings, ideas and dreams with music.

Meeting Time: By Appointment. Please e-mail Ms. Kropfitsch directly.