Brian Ossmann (MYP 2) (MYP English and Individuals & Societies teacher)

I was born and raised in and around the Twin Cities (Minneapolis & St. Paul) of Minnesota, USA.  As a result of a couple of intrepid older sisters, willing parents, and a desire to understand the world outside of Minnesota, I began learning Spanish and traveling at a young age. Ultimately, I completed my B.A. in Spanish & History and, later, my M.Ed. degree.

I came to teaching through my mother and sister who were and are teachers and who allowed me in their classrooms to share stories and lessons. I was hooked at that point. I changed careers to become a teacher and haven’t looked back since.

While teaching high school in Santiago, Chile, I met my wife who was also a teacher at the school. Lorna had grown up as a third-culture-kid (now a third-culture-adult) in various locations around the world. We married and decided to explore our world a bit more - although we both love South America deeply - by moving to the Middle East. Two of our sons (Kieran & Lucas) were born in Qatar and we look at those years very fondly. After working there, we moved to Singapore where we have been for the last five years and where we have recently added our third son (Finnegan) into the mix.

My passion to teach continues to develop further when meeting students who are motivated to learn and experience the world socially, emotionally, and experientially. Their motivation and excitement inspires me to help them make further connections to their world and to recognize their own lifelong learning skills and goals.

My family and I are thrilled to be joining the ISC team in Austria. In our free time we enjoy hiking, biking, sailing, and baking.

Meeting time: By Appointment. Please e-mail Mr. Ossmann directly.