I remember fondly my happy childhood in Poland and spending time with family. I think back also to my teachers, who made an effort to impart not only school knowledge but also to develop the personality of young people.

I completed my studies of corporate finance and accounting at the University of Economics in Poznan. Keeping in mind, my future work life could potentially be associated with a school, I finished also my pedagogical studies.

After my education I worked for in an automobile corporation. The last ten years I was employeed by a Carinthian industrial company in the finance department.

In 2016 I received an offer to work for the International School Carinthia. It is a pleasure for me to be a part of this dynamic team. ISC is an example of people from many nations, differend cultural circles and religions working together. 

I moved to Carinthia in 2003, where I got married. In addition I am mother of two wonderful children. After so many years in beautiful Carinthia I feel at home here and even feel comfortable with the Carinthian dialect.

E-mail: a.grupinska@isc.ac.at