Adrian Schumann (MYP Catholic Religious Education)

As an adolescent I once had the wish to become a missionary and to help poor people in Africa. Due to my experiences in the child and youth programmes at my parish Klagenfurt-St. Theresia, my original goal changed to becoming a teacher. After completing my Matura at the BRG Klagenfurt-Viktring, I started studying English and Geography Education for higher levels and Religious Education for lower levels (compulsory school) at the University of Klagenfurt and the Catholic Pedagogical College Institute (KPHE) Carinthia. I completed my degrees in June, 2017.

During my studies, I gained three important “international” experiences. In 2012, I completed a two-month internship with the “Austrian Catholic Centre” in London. In 2017, I spent my semester holidays in South Africa, Cape Town and Western Cape. In 2016/17 I was allowed by the Episcopal Education Office of the Diocese of Gurk to attend my teaching practice for Religious Education at ISC, where Angelika Sattlegger was my mentor. Overall, I was impressed by the (cultural) openness, variety, modernity and the eventful programme at this school.

I am now happy to serve ISC as a Religion Teacher in Religious Education and Religious Studies in order to teach the students not only confessional knowledge, but also social and intercultural issues, Christian norms and values. Moreover, I am looking forward to playing the piano and church organ along with students. 


Meeting time: Wednesdays, 10.30-11.20 a.m. Please check availabilty per e-mail.