ISC will offer warm lunch daily (3 menus - Meat, Vegetarian, Glutenfree) for students at a price of 4.5 Euros or 5.20 Euros for diets per day.

Lunch Order/Cancellation: Pls register on EDWIN Portal to order or cancel lunch. The following daily selections are possible: Menu 1 or Menu 2 or Menu 3 or no order. Cancellations are possible until noon, but only for the following day(s). No cancellations on the same day!

Please make sure that lunch is cancelled if your child is sick.

For Field Trips lunch will be cancelled by ISC Office.

Please note that we provide you with an information (e-mail) as soon as the menu plans are online, approx. 1 week before the end of a month. We will communicate a deadline for your lunch order, too. Late orders will be considered but you can only choose either Menu 1, Menu 2 or Menu 3 for your reorder for the whole month.

The menu plan for June 2017 will go online on 26th May. Timeline for your orders: Thursday, 30th April 2017 /2.00 p.m.

Catering is provided by P. Dussmann GmbH. For any further questions, recommendations, etc. pls refer to: Christine Pacher -- 




For downloading please follow this link:

> List of allergens

> Menuplans JUNE 2017 will go online (EDWIN) on 26th May